Pathover Advanced Logistics API

A Whole New Logistic World

Offer Delivery for your store with One API call.


From 2 Days to 15 Mins. 5,000+ Couriers at your service.

Last Mile Strategies

Same Day Delivery

Our software finds the best courier choice to carry out a delivery task to achieve the lowest delivery fee per order. Our intelligent algorithms can automatically match customer deliveries to couriers based on price, total order volume and travel distance. Our software analzyed over millions of combinations of customer order and courier choices to achieve the lowest delivery fee through a centralized assignment mechanism using a high-quality matching algorithms.


Minimize out of stock rate for higher customer satisfaction.

Minimize Stock Out

Resource Routing

Our software gives you the ability to re-route partial or full customer orders to other available store locations in case of stock out. Our software also allows for dynamic routing in case there is a change in delivery requirement and traffic information, or real-time new order information and other relevant updates. The increase in flexibility allows the delivery process to be more efficient and thus, saving your delivery costs and time.


Balance orders across stores to increase individual store utitlization

Balance supply & demand

Order Load Balancing

Our software automatically montiors the order load at each of your store location and gives you the power to intelligently balance the order load among all your store locations.


Automatically inform your customers throughtout delivery

Building loyalty

Automated Engagement

Our software enables you to update customers on their order status by automatically alerting them when their order has been processed, fulfilled and delivered, and providing information regarding expected delivery time and whether there is a delay in delivery. Our built-in A.I. chatbot handles common logistic requests such as emailing or texting customers a confirmation of delivery, customizing the delivery based on customers' constraints and preferences.


Three Steps to Offer Affordable Delivery Logistics

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1. Integration or Install the App

Include our API after the checkout process. Or install Pathover app if using e-commerce templates e.g. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc.

2. Preparing the Orders

Orders are picked up at the set time interval your store decides on

3. Final Delivery

Couriers are automatically dispatched and orders are delivered to your customers.

One Price. All Features.

SIMPLE PRICING. No Upfront Costs. No Hidden Fees. No Commissions.


Delight your customers with fast delivery. Our technology shows you the economic way to make fast deliveries.

Nationwide Couriers at your service

Shipping or same-day delivery. Choose from thousands of courier options. Or our intelligent algorithms can automatically choose for you.

Efficient Route Planning

Find the shortest travel route among multiple addresses to save on travel time and fuel costs.

Save 71% on Delivery Fees

Couriers compete for your business so you maximize your savings. Average delivery cost per order is around $5.75.

Balance Supply & Demand

Our software gives you the power to intelligently balance your order load between all your store locations.

Minimize Out of Stock Rate

Our software gives you the ability to re-route your orders to other locations in case of stock out.

Simple & Fast Setup

Just one API call gives you access to affordable and fast delivery. Integrate it once. Deploy to all stores.


No upfront cost. No hidden fee. No commission. Own your customer data! Just a flat fee per order.



per order API call to get all features