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    It’s not a grocery store. It’s re-invention.
    An all-in-one solution to get your store ready for online order & home delivery.
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    Simple Pricing
    $65 per month.
    $500 one-time set up fee + 10% commission. Transparent Pricing.
    Offering e-commerce platform, pick up in-store, and grocery delivery
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    Supermarket of the Future
    Get your first online order


Built for Web, tablet, and mobile

A modern and smart e-commerce platform
built for grocers. One store or multiple store locations. $500 one-time set up fee. Transparent pricing.

Just $65 per month + 10% commission.

1 million

product data and images

Our database of over 1 million products (American, specialty, and ethnic groceries) with description, images and categories that is designed to save you time when launching your store.

Offer PICK UP In Store & Home Delivery

Instantly offer your shoppers the convenience of click-and-collect and grocery delivery, on-demand or scheduled. Drivers are selected based on the best combination of speed and price and dispatched automatically to your store.


Our software integrates with your point-of-sale system
so your products are listed automatically to your online store, or you can manually select the products you want.

The Only A.I. Software that Builds the Store for You

It's not a grocery store. It's an idea that grocery shopping should be brilliant.
The promise of experiences as diverse as your products.
This is not business as usual.
It's a new way to resonate and inspire.
It's re-invention that will open your mind.

Welcome to Pathover Grocery E-commerce 360

Grocery E-commerce 360 from Pathover is an all-in-one solution that has a built-in e-commerce platform, has a database that contains over 1 million product images and info, an in-store fulfillment app, pick up in-store and home delivery options. Grocery E-commerce 360 automatically lists your products online for you and intelligently showcases the best products to sell to increase purchase frequency.


A storefront that is built for web, tablet and mobile. One account supports many store locations. No additional charge for multiple stores.


List view of items to be prepared by your staff. Leveraging our proprietary resource routing and load balancing technologies to reduce out of stock products.


Offer click-and-collect or home grocery delivery. Our software is built with advanced optimization techniques to reduce costs for last-mile same-day delivery.


Automatically inform your customer with a built-in chatbot at every step of the ordering and delivery process.


An online storefront to connect with your customers online and offline. Responsive design for shopping from any device. Industry-best site speed and usability.

One store or many stores

You can manage all store locations under one account. Show products from each store and allow your shoppers to choose a store to shop from. No additional fee for multiple stores.

Point-of-Sale Integration

Our software integrates with many grocery point-of-sale systems. Simply connect our software to your POS and our software automatically pulls all the products and lists them online for you.

Smart Dashboard

An intelligent dashboard that provides insights into what and when to sell.

Pathover E-Commerce Web and Mobile Preview


Pick, pack, and fulfill. Prepare online orders efficiently. Provides real-time updates to customeres.

Substitution Ready

Our software automatically sends substituion suggestions to your customers via chatbox so they can select the substitution they want.

Weighted Item

Your staff can easily adjust weighted items such as produce or meat during the fulfillment process to ensure your customers always pay the right price.

Out of stock

If a product is out of stock, our software will automatically alert your customer to make product substitution suggestion to avoid losing a sale for you.


Give your customers the ability to pick up their order in store or get home delivery. Pathover logistics software chooses the cheapest and fastest delivery method automatically and sends drivers to your store at the right time. Add your own drivers or leverage Pathover's delivery network.


Update your customers on order status every step of the purchase and delivery process

Our built-in A.I. chatbot handles common ordering and delivery requests such as emailing or texting customers a confirmation of delivery, customizing the delivery based on customers' constraints and preferences.

Delivery Status Update

We keep your customers informed on delivery delay and updated delivery schedule.

Substitution & Out of stock items

We will automatically identify the most similar products from your product catalog and send them as suggested substituted products to your customers. Or you can manually choose a substituted product even if it does not exist in your product catalog yet.

Feedback Loop

Our software automatically sends a post-purchase customer experience survey to your customers to ensure they are satisfied with your store's service. You can also customize your own feedback question.